Discovering the Arts of Yarra Valley

While Australia has a wide definition and coverage when it comes to art and architecture, certain cities and regions have distinct and rich arts and culture that is worth discovering. In Yarra Valley in Victoria, there’s a combination of traditional or historical and contemporary art forms that any tourist or art lover will enjoy discovering and exploring.

Yarra Valley is more known for its rich wineries and tourist attractions. And as far as arts and culture go, it is not as definitive and highly recognized as other cities in Australia. But what differentiate the arts in this region are its historical and indigenous roots. From old, historic homesteads and estates to nature parks and indigenous gardens, architecture is preserved, cultivated, and enjoyed by tourists and locals alike.

Popular places to visit are the TarraWarra Museum of Art, the Healesville Glassblowing Studio, Gallery34 in Yea, and the Open Studios. Here you can find a mesh of traditional visual medium and modern art. The architecture of the TarraWarra Museum of Art already says a lot about its art. The building itself was built with a contemporary design but the pillars and enclosures are symbolic of traditional and archaic roots. Established in 2000, the museum displays Australian contemporary art and other works that date back to the mid-20th century.

The art of glassblowing is presented to you by artists Tali Dalton and Tim Bassett in the Healesville Glassblowing Studio. It is more of a tourist attraction than an art gallery wherein people can view sculptures and chandeliers and learn about the process of glassblowing. People can also enjoy making their own paperweights and other trinkets made in glass through classes and tours.

For a taste of modern art, the “New-york style” Gallery34 in Yea features a stylish interior design and contemporary art space. Selected artists and artisans from the region are given the opportunity to exhibit their works to the public. To enjoy a tour of the artistic side of Yarra Valley, you can participate in art walks and visit the Open Studios. Witness modern artists in their elements as their personal studios and workspaces are opened and artworks are displayed. Over 40 local artists will be featured in the Open Studios, giving tourists the opportunity to discover modern art in Yarra Valley.

While many artists, curators, and the people themselves embrace contemporary art, the historical roots still bleed through in modern architecture and art, representing a strong influence of indigenous culture. This may be a limitation to what contemporary art can be at this day and age, but the identity of Yarra Valley art is what makes it unique and interesting to tourists.

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